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Workplace brings your favorite tools together. So whatever you need, our integrations have got you covered.

Security integrations. Use third-party integrations with Netskope and McAfee to meet your compliance, data security and threat protection needs. Or build custom integrations with our Graph API and webhook capabilities.

0.5 hours

per week saved for knowledge workers compared to using other collaboration tools when integrated with Microsoft Teams.


Source: Forrester, Total Economic Impact Report (commissioned by Workplace), 2022

Get closer to your frontline

Our integrations with the likes of ADP and ServiceNow can help you close the gap with frontline employees. Need something else?

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Workplace integrates with the tools you already use. But there's lots more you can do as well. Whether it’s bots, bespoke or out-of-the-box integrations, we'll help make work easier, more connected and maybe even a little more fun.

You can use custom integrations to build bots in Workplace groups or Chat.

And why wouldn’t you? Enterprise customers using integrations like bots in Workplace see 25% higher rates of product adoption. And their employee engagement rates are 16% higher than customers who don’t.

Use bots to:

  • Ease the pressure on IT help desks
  • Onboard new staff more efficiently
  • Help leaders take the pulse of the organisation
  • And much more

Today, 64% of enterprises using Workplace have installed at least one customised integration.

We’ve made it easy to integrate Workplace into your existing workflow with the power of our Graph API and the Account Management API.

Why go bespoke?

  • Build in-house

  • Keep employee information with an identity service provider

  • Automate group membership

  • Create back-ups of posts in groups

  • Automate posting to specific groups based on activity in another service

Workplace integrates with the tools you already use.

From bots and bespoke to out-of-the-box integrations, we can help you make work a more connected, straightforward and hassle-free experience.

Why go native?

  • Plug in and play with a simple step-by-step process
  • Provides specific services, automation or features ‘out of the box’
  • Can be installed by any Workplace Admin

"The Google Drive integration has streamlined our collaboration process by allowing people to easily share and comment on documents, files and pictures.

Ryan Rodenbeck

CEO at Spyglass

Frequently asked questions

Workplace integrates with over 80 work tools, so it can easily fit into the rest of your tech ecosystem. From integrations with productivity tools, to identity providers and video conferencing software, you can choose to bring in content from others tools, or surface your Workplace content on another platform. Integration flexibility means you can design your employee engagement system in a way that’s completely unique to your business. Discover all the integrations we offer in the Workplace integrations directory.

Last May, we launched Workplace Plugins. This now means that you can share Workplace content to other platforms like SharePoint, internal websites and intranets in a safe and secure way. With Plugins, you can also improve discoverability of important information within your organization, grow your content reach and get more engagement on Workplace.

On top of offering more than 80 integrations, Workplace also exposes a number of APIs that let you build custom integrations to suit your unique business needs.

Workplace takes the Facebook and Messenger platforms and adapts them for work. This means that developers can use familiar technologies like Graph API and Webhooks to build powerful integrations between Workplace and other enterprise tools. Developers can learn more about our APIs and other platform resources in our Workplace Developer documentation.

Workplace takes security and compliance requirements very seriously. That’s why we have features that our customers around the world can use to comply with their individual legal, policy, risk and threat-monitoring requirements. On a technical level, there are two main Workplace capabilities that support these requirements. Graph API gives you read access to all user content in your Workplace instance, while Webhooks sends you event-driven notifications whenever there are user content changes and user/admin events.

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